Quality Bicycles, Spare Parts Manufacturing Unit in China

Quality - Triman Industrial Corp China


To serve customer requirements with the fast changing trends of today’s competitive world and continually improve our performance towards total satisfaction


  • Minimise Rejection & Reworks.
  • Maximise Customer Satisfaction by minimising Complaints & Returns.
  • Continually Up to date Work Methodology.
  • Regularly respond to customer aspirations bringing out new age models.
  • We strictly follow ISO standards to maintain the quality of the products.
  • We ensure self respect, integrity of our employees and create and create ample opportunities for them to show their talent and skills.


We follow EN ISO standards for testing such as

  1. Salt spray testing to ensure required finish of plated components.
  2. Vibration Testing to ensure strength of frame and fork.
  3. Mass fall impact test.
  4. Component fall impact test for enduring testing of frame and fork.
  5. Paint tests such as Adhesion , ball drop and DFT.
  6. Universal tensile load testing machine for load testing of chain, tyre.
  7. Hub Torque test fixture to ensure hub do not slip while rotating.


All packages are packed in strong export-worthy cartons and covered with a thick plastic, water-proof sheet. The plastic sheet protects against theft and broken cartons and pilferage. Sensitive and fragile cartons are clearly marked with a bright red tape for identification. Pallet packing is used where required.

For safe and speedy delivery to the customer's points spread across the length and breadth of the country, the company employs a number of reputed transporters and haulers on a sub-contracting basis. For multiple delivery point trips, the company’s accompanying attendants ensure correct and proper delivery.

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