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who we are

“Triman Industrial Corporation” is an upcoming organization run under the team of experienced and technically qualified professionals with a vast knowledge in engineering and non-engineering products.

“Triman Industrial Corporation “ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company is a export house striving to achieve bigger goals for customers satisfaction.

The committment of Triman industrial corporation to innovation , quality performance and excellent customer service remain unwavering and ongoing.

We provide OEM services also that means a product is made according to the buyer's brand , design , specification and colors.



Service: we will serve the customers in their respective countries , in their language and to their requirements. ADITAR products are exported to Mexico , Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Panama, Dominican republic , Guatemala, Paraguay, Jamaica, Trinidad and tobago, Ecuador etc.

Triman Industrial Corporation is an exporter of a diversified range of bicycles , components and accessories suitable to both conventional and contemporary bicycles. Developing deep partnership with the leading manufacturing house in India , china is the key to success , thereby meeting the customer needs, on time delivery and competitive prices. We are efficiently using resources to innovate, diversify and build its diverse operations into dynamic modern enterprise.


To work towards meeting ever increasing needs and aspirations of all bicycle lovers and concurrently assist in building ecologically sustainable transport based on cohesive capacity through close, continuous coordination, while ensuring desired credibility and due care.


Our vision is to always remain at the forefront of innovative bicycle and bicycle products and eco-friendly transportation. We want to impact and effect the challenges facing the world today regarding urbanization, lack of space in modern cities as well as environmental concerns in a positive way. We will fulfill our vision by continuously challenge status quo and raising the bar in the development of bicycle and bicycle parts and by delivering excellence in design, production and distribution.


We believe that bicycle is an affordable , cleanest, healthiest and space optimizing transport, which strengthen society in sustainable way.

  • We promote the bicycles as appropriate and powerful technology.
  • We recognize bicycling as a means to increase community and quality of life.
  • We strive to increase bicycling as a form of recongnized not just “ alternative transpotation".
  • We embrace the diversity of people through cycling as well as encourage partnership among different cycling population.
  • We uphold the power of cyclists to transform the individual and the community.
  • We provide access to tools and knowledge regarding bicycles to anyone in the community regardless to race , color, nation origin, age , gender and physical ability.
  • We commit to providing a long term programming to further the above values.
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